Nano Composite Wall (NCW)

The Nano Composite Wall (NCW) is a thermally insulated structural composite wall and roof system that can be used in various developments, including but not limited to single family, multi-family, commercial and industrial projects. The NCW is a composite wall system that provides some of the best technology offered today and is manufactured offsite in a factory utilizing a computer-controlled environment for maximum quality assurance and minimal waste.

Efficiency, Quality and Rapid Assembly

Due to the NCW being manufactured by computer-controlled systems there is minimal waste, unlike that of traditional timber framing where there are many irregularities and significant waste. The NCW contains no wood elements and is manufactured from recycled and recyclable material. While the NCW sections are being manufactured off-site, initial on-site groundwork can be conducted at the same time. Once the NCW’s are completed the sections are transported to the site where they are assembled upon a completed foundation to form the structural shell. Consequently, this allows structures to be built and made weather tight within a very short period of time.


Structural Capability

The structural capabilities of the NCW are incredibly high due to its composition and development process. The NCW can also be used as infill panels in high-rise applications that use alternative materials, such as concrete and hot rolled steel. The NCW has also been seismically certified for earthquake prone areas and wind certified for Miami/Dade county (winds up to 180 mph) for hurricane prone areas, as well to meet building codes and regulations in other countries.


Thermal, Fire & Acoustic Capabilities

The NCW has incredible thermal capabilities and outperforms current building methodologies and systems (R-value = 36; U-value = 0.27). Its composition achieves a class A fire rating, does not burn nor promote the spread of fire and does not mold, mildew or rust. In addition, its unique design provides for very high acoustic ratings, particularly useful in multi family developments and shared accommodation.