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Who We Are

Nano Living System (NLS) is the new generation of pre-engineered and technology based development. Drastically reducing environmental impact with high-tech solutions, NLS has made an industry shift within the construction market.

Nano Living System (NLS) is a company that uses hi-tech solutions for the construction and development industry in the sectors of residential, commercial and more. Utilizing this technology helps to drastically reduce onsite construction time, creates a superior building envelope and significantly lowers environmental impact while reducing overall costs that are passed on to the end buyer.

Through this methodology NLS has made an industry shift within the housing market, something that is not only needed today, but as well for the next 50 years.

Nano Living System™ was established to confront crucial issues surrounding the global impact of the building industry on the environment, high prices and inefficiencies, while developing a low-impact, proficient and cost effective building solution that effectively addresses these issues around the world.

Environmental Impact and the Housing Industry

The housing industry accounts for more than 50% of global greenhouse gas emissions, yet society continues to build using outdated and inefficient methods that further contribute to the harming of the planet.

That is why NLS is strongly focused on helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through its groundbreaking construction technology. There is clear evidence as to what is currently happening to our planet, the dangers and risks that are foreseen if changes are not made and we cannot deny humanity’s footprint being a main factor and contributor to this problem.

Gaby Strehler, President & CEO

A woman changing construction

The founder of NLS, Gaby Strehler, humanitarian and philanthropist who loves the planet, challenged herself to rethink the way that houses are made and lived in. With the technological developments of NLS Mrs. Strehler has taken a step into the future by confronting problems, such as the proliferation of slums around the world, urban density issues, contributing to a clean environment, reducing waste, preserving natural resources and more. This is contributed to the development of a new hi-tech construction technology that does not use wood or concrete, suspending technology that doubles living space and renewable energy systems that preserve natural resources. Combined has resulted in a system that is a quick, efficient, minimal waste, low-impact and affordable solution.

Mrs. Strehler has in addition created Bridge Development, Corp., a non-profit organization and The Invisible Child, Inc. and NGO in order to help bring this technology to remote corners of our planet. She has traveled the world providing lectures at institues, such as the University of Geneva and the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, as well as at other European and South American centers. She has collaborated with the director of the Royal Gardens in Kew, London, to help understand the environmental dangers stemming from large slums, was invited to environmental conferences such as the signing of the Kyoto Agreement in Bali and the CCPAN forum in Iceland where she received a personal invitation from the president. She has been involved in UBS’ philanthropic forum attending such events in London, Geneva, Mexico City and Monaco where she was introduced to Prince Albert and has met with various presidents and ministers in over 15 countries. With this she has been able to establish and coordinate solutions for millions of families living in distress and through the implementation of the NLS technology.

“I look to see a world with no homeless, as every person deserves a roof over their head.”

Gaby Strehler